About Us

About Us

Started as a Blog in 2020 with the AIM to make insurance simple, Insurance guide Info is focused on educating you about Personal Finance & insurance. With our Well researched Blog Post, We will Help You to create a Strong Financial Foundation Which will Help You to Grow Financially.

To be India’s No 1 Insurance Blog, we are offering a solution that will Help You to Improve Your Lives. With the Team of Best Content Writers and Analysts, we are passionate about what we do. Insurance Guide Info has Grown into a Website that is Recognized both locally and nationally for a professional and personal approach.

To Ensure our Readers are offered the Best information our Research team Goes through Different Insurance & firm service without compromise. We are Proud to Hold the Prestigious title of ” Best insurance Blog in Country”.

Why Insurance?

▪ Life is full of uncertainties. We face various risks in our daily lives including risks to our health, property, and more

▪ we do not know if anything bad will happen to us at any time, but we can certainly take steps to reduce the financial impact of these accidents and protect ourselves financially

▪ Insurance is a financial instrument designed specifically to reduce the financial impact of an unforeseen event and to enhance financial security

▪ Insurance applies to large-scale law where the contributions of many in the form of a premium cover the losses of a few. By paying a premium to cover a certain type of loss, you will be protected from the amount of money you will earn if you face that loss.

Insurance is required for all road vehicles because we want to be free from any form of fear and especially when the Insurance application process is simplified and it is easy to determine whether a vehicle is stolen/damaged due to accidents / flooded / any such accidents and unforeseen circumstances.

Our Quality Control and assurance team works 365 daysx24 hours to initiate and maintain quality standards after doing market research and surveys over different cities across India.

What do we offer?

We believe in Proximity. The near Cause means that when the loss is caused by more than one cause, the proximity or causal factor should be considered in determining the insurance liability. This policy is found to be very useful when losses occur due to a series of events. The principle states that in order to determine whether the insurer is liable for loss, the proximate (closest) should be used and not the remote (remote).

Our Product ranges are varied varying from General Insurance to Health Insurance to Travel Insurance to General Insurance to Travel Insurance to Home Insurance. We deal with A to Z of Insurance. Aftermarket survey and many types of research done across India we provide every facility and round the clock service. Our representative works for you for your entire satisfaction. We offer competitive rates with world-class Services.

We have thousands of satisfied customers and we work harder to increase our standard day by day to prolong the relationship with our valued customers. In every insurance segment, we offer Variable plans as per the suitability of the customers understanding their needs and demands. We have 24×7 customer care support and a 24×7 claim support system and that too without much of hassles.

We have our Branch offices located in different Indian cities to attend to our customers from all over the country. We believe that transparency is very important and we will inform you from the outset of what each policy entails. Our customers have been assuring us for over many years. Our loyalty to our customers is our first problem.

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We have an ALL RISK Coverage that covers assets while on the move against ANY damage from any external cause including theft, deficit, or a catastrophic event.

The other cover we offer is ALL LOSS. This inclusion is a limited restriction that often applies to very old or used goods. We seldom offer this type of insurance without requesting certain types of goods or transportation. We cover goods with complete damage due to a disaster event ONLY. For example, if there is a complete loss of a truck or a plane caused by a disaster, this can be covered. We will not pay for partial losses under the full loss.