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Best Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai

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Best Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai


Mumbai is the Commercial Capital of India People from different states, caste; creed come to Mumbai for getting their Livelihood. It is situated on the Seashore. Mumbai is the most populous city in the country and the seventh most populous city in the world with an estimated 20 million people. According to the Indian government in 2011, Mumbai is India’s most populous city with an estimated 12.5 million cities living under the Greater Mumbai Municipality.

Mumbai is the center of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region; it is the sixth most populous place in the world with a population of over 23 million. Mumbai lies on the shores of Konkan on the west coast of India and has a deep natural harbor. In 2008, Mumbai was named the alpha city of the world. It has the highest number of billionaires and billions among all the cities of India.

It is also one of the top ten commercial centers in terms of revenue, accounting for 6.16% of India’s GDP, accounting for 25% of industrial products, 70% of India’s maritime trade (Mumbai Port Trust and JNPT), and -70% of key jobs in the Indian economy. Mumbai has the eighth highest rate in the world, with billions of Mumbai earning the highest amount of money in the world by 2008.

It is also home to India’s first scientific and nuclear centers. The city also has Bollywood and Marathi industries. Business opportunities in Mumbai attract immigrants from all over India. ore having high rising Buildings comprising of Hotels, Commercial complexes, offices, etc.

Considering the volume of residents in Mumbai and having surveyed 450 respondents, Best Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai is ICICI Lombard’s FAMILY FLOATER HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY and Best Health Insurance policy for newborn Baby in India is offered by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company currently known as HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Company.

Health Insurance, Need of the Time

Health has always been a major concern for people all over the world. The disease continues to plague mankind for decades. With the outbreak of disease, people have become very concerned about their health. It is rightly called life wealth. With the current Breaking of Coronavirus worldwide, people are becoming increasingly aware of health because the disease is no longer curable. The rate of recurrence of this particular virus is higher than in other diseases.

Now everyone now needs full coverage for protection against disease and infection. Without disease risk is not a clear policy for the newborn baby in India. What can happen unknowingly? Health insurance is required in the current situation. Health Insurance Provides people with care and care without emergency care. Deasons that afflict any person or family members are treated if that person has Family Insurance Health.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Company offers the best newborn health insurance policy in India. At a time when you are busy with unexpected road accidents due to heavy traffic, each of us needs to be properly covered by Health Insurance. Not only during life but also after some kind of failure of the Family Health Insurance event that keeps our family comfortable.

There is always an increase in the number of health problems in Mumbai – one of the busiest and most populous cities in India. Health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, malaria, dengue, and fever are devastating. Deaths from diseases such as tuberculosis are reported to be very high.

A study by an NGO found that one in six deaths was caused by tuberculosis. Therefore, the need for medical care is increasingly being highlighted in Mumbai, adding to the huge demand for insurance companies to cover huge medical costs.

If you look at all the points, it is clear that Mumbai residents need Health Insurance policy and the Best Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai is ICICI Lombard’s FAMILY FLOATER HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY and it is also the best Health insurance policy for the family which covers all the family members.

Health Insurance Providers in Mumbai

Mumbai is becoming a medical tourism hub due to more and more individuals coming to Mumbai for treatment for various diseases. There are 282 private hospitals, 14 specialized hospitals, and three specialized hospitals. There are also specialized hospitals in Mumbai – five on cancer care and 4 cardiac centers.

There are almost all the Health Insurance Providers in Mumbai namely- National Health Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance, Star Health Insurance, Care Health Insurance, Max Bupa Health Insurance, Cholamandalam Health Insurance, Tata AIG, SBI Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard Health Insurance, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance, IFFCO Tokio and many more.


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The Service Providers are providing all sorts of facilities to the residents of Mumbai. Almost all the service providers have ties up with network hospitals across India to provide all sorts of Health Care facilities. Almost all the Health Insurance Service Providers gives cashless treatment facility in Mumbai. Without any doubt, ICI Lombard’s FAMILY FLOATER HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY is the BEST HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY IN MUMBAI covering all the family members and this is the best Health insurance policy for the family for the residents of Mumbai.

A few of the Common Facilities provided by all the Health Insurance Companies in Mumbai are:

  • All treatments are cashless
  • They have networking Hospitals in panel
  • The renewal policies online
  • Prompt service in Claim
  • No claim Facilities
  • Heart care Plan
  • Family care Plan
  • Plan for senior citizens

Based on the survey conducted in different Government and Private Hospitals in Mumbai and doing the comparative study of the service providers in terms of differentiated services, we do come to the conclusion that Best Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai is Family Floater Health Insurance for the whole family. To come to a decision as to which is the best Health Insurance policy in Mumbai, a comparative study has been done to come to a conclusion.

The facilities and services which are distinctly provided by a service provider give an idea as to which Health Insurance Company is giving differentiated services than others. Although the market has become so competitive and the service providers lack nowhere to give its customers all the facilities and services to bring them to the top Health Insurance Service Providers. Considering all the facts, ICICI Lombard is the best Health Insurance policy company, especially in Mumbai.

Each Health Insurance provider claims they to be the best service provider and selling the best Policy. Considering this aspect in mind ICICI Lombard’s FAMILY FLOATER HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY is the best Health Insurance policy in Mumbai giving the Lifetime renewal policy and this particular family policy is the best health insurance policy for family. Floater family health insurance plans provide coverage for all family members.

This means that the applicant can include his or her spouse, children, parents, mother-in-law, and other dependent members to pay a single health insurance premium. In terms of coverage, the family health insurance policy is similar to the individual health insurance policy. The family floater insurance policy is a good way as it brings the whole family under an umbrella cover thus reducing the chances of eliminating the allowed amount.

So, undoubtedly ICICI Lombard’s FAMILY FLOATER HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY is the best Health Insurance policy in Mumbai because the policy covers the whole of the family members. Amongst all the Service Providers ICICI Lombard is the Best Health Insurance Policy Company in India.

Thinking for Best Insurance Policy for newborn Baby in India?

The best Health Insurance policy for newborn Baby in India is offered by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Company previously known by the name Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company.

So, what have you thought of? Purchasing the best Health Insurance Policy in Mumbai? Go and purchase ICICI Lombard’s Family Floater Health Insurance Policy which is the best Health Insurance policy company in India.

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