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Life is a treasure Do you agree? Yes to a well-thought-out Course Life is the greatest treasure. There is no wealth like life. If you are healthy you can use any amount of wealth but vice versa if you are not healthy, wealth is useless. Life has always been a major concern for people all over the world. The disease continues to plague mankind for decades.

With the outbreak of disease, people have become very concerned about their health. It is rightly called life a treasure. With the current Breaking of the Coronavirus worldwide, people are becoming more and more aware of health because the disease is no longer a cure.

The rate of recurrence of this particular virus is higher than in other diseases. Everyone now needs to be fully covered by protection from disease and infection. Without diseases, the risks are not clear what can happen unknowingly.

We assure you and the protection of your family without any worries or obligations. A healthy body with a healthy mind is always seen. Taking care of your health and protecting your family from any financial risk of any kind of illness or disease (Infectious or non-communicable) Health coverage is something that everyone and his or her family members should do.

Care Health Insurance is the Master Health Insurance Company that will take care of all illnesses and diseases. Since the emergence of sudden diseases such as corona, the need to have your family reunited under the umbrella of Care health Insurance has become a necessity and is important for all of us.

Do We Really Need Care Health Insurance?


Does life insurance guarantee your health? Not well. But you are including the most important part of your life – your income and the financial stability that your family provides. Life is full of uncertainty. We face various dangers in our daily lives including dangers in our lives.

We do not know if anything bad will happen to us at any time, but it is very likely that we will take steps to reduce the financial impact of these risks and to protect ourselves financially. Life Insurance is a clear way to prevent financial losses.

Health Insurance Provides people with care and maintenance without emergency medical care. Diseases that afflict any person or family members can be treated if that person has a Family Health Insurance.

In a time when busy with unexpected road accidents due to heavy traffic, each of us needs to be properly covered by Health Insurance. Not only during life but also after some kind of failure of the Family Health Insurance event that keeps our family free.

Health Insurance and Health Insurance Provides a sense of security for each individual and their family members. Health insurance has become a necessity with the rising cost of health care services and life-threatening illnesses.

Who are we?

Care Health Insurance is formerly known as Religare Health Insurance. Care Health Insurance Company Limited is a private health insurance provider consisting of three components: Care Enterprises Limited, a leading financial services group from India, Union Bank of India & Corporation Bank.

Health Care Insurance provides health insurance and other products. Care Health Insurance Company Limited, regarded as one of India’s leading health insurance providers offers a wide range of health insurance products. From healthcare delivery to preventive health solutions, insurance has a unique business in the health insurance market due to its strong distribution channels.

Care Enterprises Ltd, Union Bank of India, and Corporation Bank are shareholders of Care Health Company Limited. Care Health Insurance is a financial services company that provides solutions in the field of insurance, financial and asset management, lending, and stock trading.

Headquartered in Delhi, the company benefits from the market information of its founding founders of Fortis Hospitals (India’s most popular healthcare center).

Union Bank of India and Corporation Bank are both important, highly connected public institutions that provide banking services to customers in various economic and geographical sectors. Care Health Insurance Co Ltd. brings to the people of India many interesting insurance solutions that provide for personal and family protection. The company specializes in health and health insurance.

Why Buy Health Insurance?

Although there are several players on the market that offer Health Insurance but Care Health Insurance is different and varies in its own way in terms of programs, quality of service, customer care, Mediclaim, and many other areas that will not be offered to other field players.

Why should you Purchase Care Health Insurance?

Although there are several players in the market Providing Health Insurance but Care Health Insurance is different and distinct in its approach in terms of plans, Service quality, customer care, Mediclaim, and many more facilities that cannot be provided by other players of the field. A few of the reasons as to why Should you Buy Care Health Insurance are mentioned as follows-

  • Network Hospital: Insured members can receive free medical treatment outside of more than 5420 hospitals in India.

Claim process: No third party involvement in the application process. Claims will be considered directly by Care Health Insurance directly.

  • Health insurance products: Health Care Insurance offers a variety of products to cater to different customer needs.
  • Protective health care: The insurer provides cover for health care protection measures such as annual medical examinations and diagnostic tests.
  • Excellence in health care: Health Insurance promoters and founders of SRL Diagnostics, Care Wellness, and Fortis Hospitals, health care providers, and pharmacies.

Types of Health Insurance Policies Provided by Care Health Insurance Company:

The policies that form part of the portfolio of health insurance schemes are listed below:

  1. Care Health Insurance Care Plan
  2. Care Health Insurance Enhance Plan
  3. Care Health Insurance Assure Plan
  4. Care Health Insurance Secure Plan
  5. Care Health Insurance Joy Plan
  6. Care Health Insurance Care Freedom Plan

Key Benefits and Features of Health Insurance Systems:

  • Protected Amount: Health Care Insurance provides health cover with an insured amount of up to Rs crores.
  • Rehabilitation: Health insurance policies from Care Health Insurance come with the option of lifelong renewal.
  • Free accommodation; Insured members can receive free medical treatment at more than 5420 network hospitals.
  • Reimbursement: Sum insured will be renewed automatically at no additional cost if the claim amount expires on your insurance.
  • Non-Missed Bonus: For the entire year you do not pay an application fee of up to 150% increase in the amount covered by the No Claim Bonus.
  • Health screening: Insured members can receive a higher annual medical examination regardless of their claim history.
  • Medical examination: No pre-policy test is required for an insured amount of less than Rs.25 lakh, up to 50 years of age.

Claim process: Health Care Insurance does not cover the third party. This company has a straightforward claim process that does not bother you.

  • Global health care: With the additional coverage provided by Care Health Insurance, insured members can access global health care at any network hospital in the world.
  • Prepaid payments: No documentation is required to make prepaid payments to purchase or renew health insurance policy as can be done online through the company’s website.
  • Availability of insurance: The cost of pre- and post-hospitalization does not limit you to significant costs, and no collective cost up to 60 years of age. Key Benefits and Features of Care Health Insurance Plans:

Protecting oneself and the family members is the responsibility of every individual and we are bound to do that and so to take care of every aspect of health and family protection is well taken care of by our dedicated team. Care Health Insurance company has strong networking with many renowned hospitals in India.

Unlike other Health care service provider, Care Health Insurance company Provides insurance even for the critical sickness and diseases. Inpatient hospitalization, Pre hospitalization, post-hospitalization, Daycare, Ambulance charges, Room rent within the hospital premises, domiciliary hospitalization are just a few distinct services provided by Care Health Insurance.

We at Care Health Insurance Company believe that reassurance works better than the cure itself. Hence before going ahead with the treatment recommended we suggest you consult doctors and take a second opinion before proceeding. Quality healthcare cannot be boundaries. So, if a customer feels like getting treated abroad just with an add on you can avail the facility.

The Insurance claim settlement ratio is 93 Percent and the claim can be made 24×7. Care Health Insurance Policies are absolutely free from any kind of deduction under the section of the Income Tax act. Whichever Health Insurance Plan you opt to choose Care Health Insurance plan is highly suggestive and cost-effective.

And above all no tension of renewal, it can be done from anywhere anytime. Also, it provides Extraordinary no claim benefits.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Get Health Insurance from Care Health Insurance and be Healthy and Happy.

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