Cheapest Car Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance – Important Information

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Cheapest Car Insurance

In this below article, you clear your all doubts related to buying car insurance, in this article, you read about, cheapest car insurance in India, cheap types, advantages, Important documents before buying car insurance, how to file a claim, reasons for rejection of the claim.

Car insurance relates simply to its car and its own insurance policy. However, car insurance or any other vehicle insurance provides different types of policies to protect against different kinds of risks. It is of four types.

  • It will also provide the necessary cover against all financial liability that results in death, property damage, or injury to a third party.
  • Personal accidents will also come under various car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance:

Third-Party Insurance

Under the third party insurance with the car is mandatory legally. The compensation may be awarded to any person or other who runs on the road from your vehicle or to any property. The legal liabilities arising out of such an incident are disposed of by this policy.

This insurance plan will compensate a person for physical damage or death due to your vehicle. However, this insurance does not have any responsibility to compensate for any loss caused to the vehicle owner or driver. As per IRDA rules, it is mandatory to take 5-year third party cover on taking car 3 years and two-wheeler.

Own Damage

The only policy purchased to cover the loss of a vehicle is called own damage policy. In this, the insurance policy company will compensate for any type of loss and damage suffered by the car. According to IRDA, under on damage section, these conditions cover damages such as fire, theft, accident, etc.

A Comprehensive Policy or a Package Policy

Along with the third party insurance when own damage policy is taken by a policy incorporated in the same package, is called a comprehensive policy. Such a policy is also compensated by the same policy for the loss of the vehicle to the other person and the vehicle. The IRDA has rejected the inevitability to accept the long-term package policy.

It is now optional to obtain a third-party insurance and one damage insurance in a package for wheelers. A third party cover for 3 years and for taking a new four-wheeler from August 1. There are two options on the one way to cover up the damage. First, the customer can get one year to one damage cover in a bundle with the third party insurance and the other two different policies for the third party and on the damage.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is used for physical injury to the person driving the car. This is as much mandatory as a third-party insurance. Apart from the driver and the other person sitting on the front seat, the passenger can also be covered. In the accident, if the car owner dies or is compensated to him/her in the event of permanent disability.

Why buying the cheapest car insurance is important? And what are the things to keep in mind before buying the cheapest car insurance?

Usually, people buy cars or motorcycles but are avoided insurance. Most buyers consider motor insurance as a cost and do not charge insurance as a vehicle. One of the major disadvantages is that in an accident the customer does not have insurance to meet the cost of the car.

The auto expert thinks it’s important to get your car insured, and can be used during emergencies. However, it is important to have a car insured after the introduction of a motor vehicle or you may have to pay two thousand rupees for driving on Indian roads or a 3 years jail.

There are two basic types of getting a motor insurance policy: first third party liability to compensate for the damage caused by another, and second, own damage and the cover for the damage caused by your vehicle. A third party license is essential and an alternative.

Following the guidelines given by the Supreme Court of the country, insurance companies have to be provided insurance cover for a long period. If the car is insured or insurance renewed, it is most important to seek the cheapest car insurance company.

Take insurance with add on facility

The motor insurance policy allows you to pay an extra premium and get add on. For new vehicles, you can get a zero definition to add on cover. The covers increase the potential for the claim and claim against new vehicles. If you have an old vehicle so no use this cover.

Compare premium

Do not compare insurance companies available in the market before purchasing your vehicle. Because of the online market, this facility has become quite simple. You can now compare premium to insurance companies by visiting the same website from your computer or mobile phone.

This will also give you information about the cheapest car insurance, and will also provide you with a range of different facilities offered by the insurance company.

No claim bonus

Motor insurance is effective for one year and is then reissued. While the premium you have to pay for the long-term coverage is made every year, you can get a no clean bonus if you have not made a claim for one year.

Be aware of the exclusions

When you renew or renews your vehicle insurance, always keep in mind what to include and what to avoid when renewal. Ask your insurance company about it. Understand the exclusions procedure when renewing the policy, as any one of the mistakes will make your claim suspicious.

Advantages of cheapest car insurance:

Cheapest car insurance is very useful for car rider passengers and third parties. The car insurance industry is also growing rapidly with the increased vehicular demand in the country. As per the motor vehicles act 1988, all vehicle owners are required to have a third-party motor insurance policy.

It is important to understand the features and benefits of a motor insurance policy before purchasing a car insurance policy. One should choose a car insurance policy that will benefit the most.

Financial coverage: the main purpose of car insurance cover is to compensate for the loss of the car and physical injury in case of an accident. The insurance company pays for the loss of a car when the car is stolen. In India, car insurance is of two types: third party car insurance, and car insurance.

  • Third-party motor insurance: this may compensate for the injury or death of the third party in case of riding in the car and accident. However, it does not cover the loss of a car.
  • Car insurance: this may cover damage to your car by accident or theft, along with all benefits that have been given to the third party.

Cashless garage network: car repair is without any cost. Many insurance companies have a tie-up with automobile companies, which may provide cashless treatment to the car insured by the insurance company.

No claim bonus: If you have not made a claim in car insurance before, the next policy will give you the benefit of the no claim bonus. The no-claim bonus may be between 20% and 25%.

Add on features: add on features to car insurance to make your policy better. Add on features are as follows: zero lamp insurance, engine protection, roadside assistance, and NCB protection, etc.

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Here is the list of companies that provide the cheapest car insurance:
  1. TATA AIG General Insurance
  2. Digit General Insurance
  3. Royal Sundaram General Insurance
  4. Bharti AXA General Insurance
  5. Liberty General Insurance
Important documents before buying car insurance:
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle information
  • Bank statement
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Tax receipt
  • All paperwork sent by the insurance provider (filled by you)
How to file a claim?
  • In the event of an accident or emergency, it is important for you to notify the insurer as soon as possible.
  • You must report to the police with all the necessary details.
  • Analyze the damage situation and how much it will cost
Reasons for car insurance claim rejection:
  • No valid license
  • Second-hand car but not insurance
  • Delay in informing your insurer
  • Effects of alcohol or drugs
  • Consequential damages
  • If the car is too old to repair
  • Car repair without telling your insurer
  • Installing unregistered CNG kit
  • Over usage
This cheapest car insurance article helps you decided which one insurance company is best for you.

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