jio smartphone next pragati OS

new launch jio smartphone next pragati OS – 2021

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new launch jio smartphone android pragati OS – 2021


New launch jio smartphone next pragati OS 2021 – Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited doing business as JIO, which is an Indian Telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Jio industry, head quarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Company is founded by Mukesh Ambani, established in 2019; this telecommunication company is holding place for India’s largest mobile network operator Jio and other digital businesses of Reliance.

It has made major investments in its digital ecosystem, fuelled by advance technologies covering broadband connectivity, smart devices, cloud and edge computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, augmented and mixed reality and block chain. According to the report of May, 2020, it is the 4th largest Indian company market capitalization.

Jiophone next, the brand new Jiophone from reliance expected to be available in Diwali surroundings. The company released a brief video entitled “making of the JioPhone next” before sale that reveals details like the name of the OS is Pragati OS. Reliance’s new entry level Smartphone will probably be released around Diwali on 4th November.

But the company still has to reveal the exact price or release date of JioPhone Next. The JioPhone Next was originally scheduled for sale in September, although the lack of chipsets pushed the release date to Diwali.

Jio Pragati OS

Pragati OS, reliance finally disclosed the name of the OS that feeds the JioPhone Next. The new operating system built in partnership with Google will include a wealth of features that will appeal to low-end customers. According to reliance, Pragati OS was designed specifically for India.

It has been engineered by the best minds of Jio and Google with an objective to bring Pragati for all while offering truly seamless experience at affordable cost” the company said in a statement. The meaning of the ‘Pragati’ is progress. In addition to realizing the short clip around the realization of the JioPhone Next, the company also confirmed that a Qualcomm chipest feeds the low-end smartphone. However, the exact details of the chip have yet to come out.

Reliance Jio confirmed that there will be a voice assistant with features like ‘Read aloud’ that can help in reading out the screen contents and a translate feature. Also, there will be support for google apps and timely software updates. It is especially low budget smartphone. The Reliance Jio Next Smartphone to come with this OS will be the world’s first smart phone.

Features of Pragati OS

This Jio 4G smartphone provides Qualcomm 215 platform. This platform built for smartphones having less than 2GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. This processor will enhance optimize connectivity and location technology, audio and better battery usage.

It will get many good features; all android apps can be used in this smartphone with including Jio apps. Let’s know the specification of the Jio Phone Next Pragati OS.

  • Voice assistant – With the help of voice assistant, users will be able to operate the device. Like open apps manage settings etc. Also can easily get information/content from internet in their preferred language.
  • Translate – With the help of translate features users can translate the content of the screen into their preferred language. Along with this, users will be able to translate any content with the help of the camera.
  • Smart camera – Reliance Jiophone Pragati OS will come with a smart and powerful camera with the help of which users will be able to captures photos in portrait mode. With the help of this the background of the photo can be blurred. With the help of the night mode, users will be able to click strong photos even in low light. Also it will get Indian Augmented Reality Filters, with the help of which picture quality can be improved.
  • Read aloud – The features will help users to understand the content by speaking in a language that they can understand. Many Indian languages will be including in this.

Lastly the entry-level Android phone will support over-the-air updates and will likely offer a long battery life, as per Reliance.

jio smartphone next pragati OS
jio smartphone next pragati OS– Special thanks to for the picture.


The reliance JioPhone Next is set to offer a very basic android phone experience. Whereas Reliance Jio calls the software as Pragati OS, the experiment will be same as to using an Android Go Smartphone. This device will get access the Google services like Gmail, Drive, Music, Maps and etc. Users will get Google Assistant with Jio apps, with help with these users can know cricket score and weather report. For sure users can access 4G internet connectivity, Maps, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Music, good camera and others benefits of owning this Smartphone.

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