MAX BUPA Complete Protection for Your Family Health

Max Bupa: Complete Protection for Your Family Health

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Health has always been a major concern for people all over the world. The disease continues to plague mankind for decades. With the outbreak of disease, people have become very concerned about their health. It is truly called Life is a treasure. With the current Breaking of Coronavirus worldwide, people have become more focused and aware of health because the disease has no cure so far.

The rate of recurrence of this particular virus is higher than other infections. Everyone now needs to be fully covered by protection from disease and disease.

Without diseases, the risks are not clear what may happen unknowingly. We assure you and the protection of your family without any worries or responsibilities. Health cover is essentially required in the current scenario. When thinking of Health, family Protection and health cover the first name which rings in the mind is MAX BUPA.

Why Health Insurance?

Does life insurance guarantee your health? Not well. But you are including the most important part of your life – your income and the financial stability that your family provides. Life is full of uncertainty. We face various dangers in our daily lives including dangers in our health, health.

We do not know if anything unfortunate will happen to us at any time, but it is certainly possible that we will take steps to reduce the financial impact of these risks and to protect ourselves financially. Insurance Health is a clear way to prevent financial loss. Health Insurance Provides people with savings and keeping people free of emergency medical care.

Illnesses that occur to any person or their family members can be taken care of if the person has Family Health Insurance. In a busy time and unforeseen road accidents due to heavy traffic, each of us must be properly covered by Health Insurance. Not only during life but also after some kind of failure of the Family Health Insurance event keeps our family free.

Life Insurance and Health Insurance Gives a certain feeling of security to each Individual along with their family members. It protects the family from all hazards which might occur knowingly or unknowingly in someone’s life.

Why Max Bupa?

Among the various players in the field of Health Insurance, Max Bupa is unique and different from others in terms of Resources, Plans, Adaptability. Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is a joint venture between Max India Limited and Bupa (a UK-based international group).

Max India specializes in health and insurance services such as clinical research and life insurance. Bupa has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, serving many clients in more than 190 countries. Max Bupa aims to simplify healthy living for clients by providing them with a limited range of health insurance solutions. The company’s Claim Settlement Ratio for the year 2018-19 is 54%. Recent medical growth and rising medical costs have put people at risk of finding themselves and their families equally protected.

Max Bupa introduces a wide range of health insurance products to protect you and your loved ones from any cost-related issues during bedtime. Understanding customer needs continues to improve facilities and services where needed. It also covers diseases other than existing diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and more. With the intention to upgrade and enhance its quality service, training programs are held regularly to facilitate the understanding of customer’s requirements.

On many occasions, we suggest the customers based upon their requirements. Unlike other market players in the Medical Insurance Sector, Max Bupa has a unique identity and has diverse and flexible insurance plans as customer eligibility.

The main marketing suggestions for the Max Bupa Health Insurance System are:

  • Extensive health cover

Fill in your existing Sum

  • Direct payment payments with the Company
  • Free medical treatment outside more than 3,500 network hospitals
  • Discount on optional premiums for 2-year terms
  • There is no age limit for program registration
  • Lifelong Rehabilitation
  • Option to purchase a policy online in an inexpensive and complex way

Major Benefits of Max Bupa’s Health Insurance Strategies

  • Medical expenses incurred during hospital admissions for patients are covered up to the effective insurance premium
  • Pre-hospital costs, including pre-hospital medical expenses incurred up to 60 days and 90 days after discharge in terms of the policy
  • Post-hospital admission costs, including after-hospital medical expenses, are covered up to 90 days
  • All listed daycare procedures are integrated
  • Medical costs of natural donors
  • Hospitalization may be limited
  • Maternity cover is available in terms of the policy
  • Expenses incurred in organ harvesting are aggregated
  • AYUSH treatment is hidden in Base Sum Insured
  • Tax benefits are available on premiums paid under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Various Health Insurance Programs offered by Max Bupa-

  • Max Bupa Insurance Program which is a Health Insurance Program offered by Max Bupa.
  • Max Bupa Program for Serious Illness
  • Personal Risk Assurance Program
  • Maternity Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance

In addition to the Health Insurance Scheme, Max Bupa offers a variety of Health Insurance schemes to cater to different segments of the community and as a consumer suit. It also applies to car insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, Home Insurance, etc.

Additional Benefits Below under Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans
  • For the entire year without claims, no claim bonus adds up to 20% to the insured amount, up to 100% Base Sum Insured
  • Get free medical check-ups every year or two during the renewal period, depending on the program selected.
  • Enhance your cover with a top release option
  • Additional benefits of the Health Partnership Program
  • Emergency Ambulance service costs are included
  • Access your claim history, health information

Depending upon the need and desire of the valued customer base, Max Bupa is upgrading and upscaling its services and facilities and is always working for its betterment in the future years to come including communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases. Training, Quality Assurance Quality service, Delivery of services are our Prime motto and shall continue to be ever in the future. We the Entire Team of Max Bupa care for one and all.

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