Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance

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There are various modes of transport such as roads, Railways, Ship, Airlines, etc. However, road transport is considered to be the simplest and easiest mode of travel because it reaches the remotest parts of the region within regional borders, within state borders, or within internal and inland borders. Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company is the best company for insurance.

People who are thinking of going to nearby places want to use the road transport system and moreover If you have your own car there is no such thing. When choosing to buy any new car people look at a few basic things like safety features, peace of mind. Insurance cover, insurance policies, etc. Yes, everyone has their own sense of freedom and budget to buy any new car.

YES Go You own your car/bike/motorcycle but get them insured immediately so you can have peace of mind. When thinking about your car insurance just think of Royal Sundaram General Insurance.

Is General Insurance Really Needed for Your Vehicle?

Without any Doubt, General Insurance is a necessity for the vehicle you have. When you are a vehicle owner, it is your job to think about the safety of your own vehicle and to have some peace of mind. With a busy lifestyle and an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, there is a significant increase in the number of vehicles on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Data provided by the Indian Government Department of Road Transport shows a significant increase in road accidents throughout India. Obviously the reason may be different. One of the reasons is the increase in the number of vehicles that will not go down.

There are so many bad things happening on the streets every day, even in big cities. In order to have peace of mind in a hard-built environment like a vehicle we definitely need General Insurance. General Insurance is also called Non-Life Insurance. Insurance helps to protect you from unforeseen circumstances and examples.

We begin to love our things as our vehicle and we do not want to be harmed or harmed in it and in order to be in a state of peace of mind we must get Car Insurance as soon as we have a car. Not only after buying a car but also the insurance should be renewed every year to relax mentally. We can easily say that General Insurance is a way to protect our car. We feel relieved when we find our car is covered and we have peace of mind.

Why General Insurance from Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company?

Royal Sundaram is a leading General Insurance company in India. Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co Ltd. (formerly known as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited), a company owned by Sundaram Finance Group, is the first general insurance company in India to be licensed in October 2000 by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

The company was initially promoted as a joint venture between Sundaram Finance, one of the most respected non-banking institutions (NBFCs) in India, and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc, UK, being one of the oldest insurers in the UK.

In July 2015, Sundaram Finance acquired a 26% equity held on Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc. As a result, all 100% of equity holdings are now held by Sundaram Finance (75.90%) and other Indian shareholders (24.10%). General insurance or non-health insurance policies, including car and homeowner’s policies, provide payments depending on the loss of a particular financial event.

General insurance is often defined as any other insurance that is not limited to life insurance. It is called property and injury insurance in the United States and Canada as well as non-life insurance in Continental Europe.

Royal Sundaram was established in 2000 under the leadership of the powerful Mr. S Viji. The headquarters of the Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company is Chennai. Royal Sundaram is India’s first private insurance company that provides quality services and services to its clients.

It is a leading General Insurance company in India that is evolving day by day to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. Research shows that Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company is at the forefront of General Insurance and is committed to day-to-day improvement to the satisfaction of its valued customer.

Therefore, If General Insurance should only come from General Insurance from Royal Sundaram. If you want to be in a state of complete peace of mind buy only Royal Sundaram General Insurance only because the quality of service is incomparable.

Whether it is Health Insurance, Wealth Insurance, Travel Insurance, Car Insurance or two wheels of Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company everywhere provides quality services to its valued customers. Customer service is fully committed to serving all of its customers with their positive attitude and smiles to their customers in any dispute.

At Royal Sundaram, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible service and ensuring that all concerns are addressed to the best of our ability. Our customer service teams are equipped to operate and deliver on these lines, always ready to make that extra mile and help our esteemed customers. We are confident that all our customers will enjoy this fun.

Our Customer Team will be able to assist you with the phone, email, and live chat.

You can call our Customer Help Desk at 1860 425 0000 or write to us at

It can be Car Insurance, Wheel Insurance, Commercial Car Insurance Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company is always at your door to work for you, satisfy you and bring you a sense of safety, security, peace of mind.

In conclusion

Make sure that have General Insurance from Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company only and rest leave all the safety, peace of mind to us. Ride with care and enjoy it. Not only you if any one of your friend or family members or relatives have to Purchase Insurance, but Royal Sundaram General Insurance is also the preferred Company where you can fully rely on.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company has won various awards for its excellent services provided to its valued customers. A few of them are listed below-

  • Celent’s recognition in 2014 for creating a smart claims management system to improve staff performance and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Celent’s recognition in 2013 for being part of the Model Insurer Asia in the Distribution/New Business area.
  • Celent’s recognition in 2011 of the implementation of a policy management system that enables the operation of external engines.
  • Win an Information week Edge Award for multiple e-use projects.

Believe in Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company and leave in peace of mind.

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