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Tata Tigor Insurance Claim Process

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The Tata Tigor organization has a compact sedan and its launched in 2017, its 2018 model has been brought up with some modifications, including both the interiors and accessories. In the front, the Tata Tigor uses a diamond sample grill, dual-chamber projector headlamp, and chrome accent on the bottom of the bumper.

The side of the Tata Tigor has a diamond-cut alloy wheel and chrome line door handle. The back of the Tigor includes a spoiler, led oil cluster, and shark fin antenna on the roof with an LED stop lamp.

The Tata Tigor’s interior is in the black/grey dual-tone theme, surrounded by an AC vent in the chrome accent, and in the central console, titanium paint has been inserted on the fox leather seat and door trim.

About Tata Tigor Car Insurance

Tata Tigor was launched in India in 2017. The sales figure has been quite impressive, where the company has been successful in selling 15,000 units in India. If you drive a car without car insurance, you will pay a penalty of 2000 Rs.

Types of Tata Tigor Car Insurance are:

Third-Party Insurance

If you take a third party health insurance, in this case, if your accident happens and you die then the money of the insurance will be given to the nominee who was assigned by you.

Comprehensive Insurance

If you take comprehensive insurance, then you will also get a benefit of third party car insurance and if there are any accidents happen, then you will get to claim for car repair and injuries as well.

What are the general things cover in Tata Tigor Car Insurance?

Damage or waste due to natural disaster:

Events which are not controlled by you such as cyclone, storm, landslide,

lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, etc.

Harm or damage due to man-made disaster:

Man-made disasters such as riot, strike, robbery, theft, terrorist activity, and any harm or damage during the road, rail, or water transport.

Personal Accident Cover:

It secures the future of your family in times of permanent disability or unfortunate death. You could stand up to 2 lakhs for any damage that occurs by the driver at the same time as traveling, riding a car, or leaving. Some companies pay to claim money to the co-passenger or nominee.

Legal liability of the third party:

Mandated by law, this policy leads to an accidental injury to you resulting in permanent injury or death the claim is received by a third party, It also covers car damage.

What are the general things not covers in Tata Tigor Car Insurance?

To protect you from bad results, your insurers have carried out all the work, but there are also a few exceptions. The motor insurance policy does not normally cover:

You, when you are driving someone else’s car, when your car has not been insured, when a car is being insured, when a car is damaged by the owner’s alcohol or drug effects, when a driver loses his or her license, or if you lose or lose his or her driving authority by war, rebellion or nuclear risks, mechanical or electrical breakdown in your car, radio player, In addition to the normal abrasion and the normal color blindness of the car which is due to limited action.

Get car insurance

From Tata Tigor Car Insured, you can buy your car insurance and get your claim online. Besides all of this, you also get a facility for free car repairing which means that you do not have to pay any money from your pocket. In case your car is serviced once on their network, you may able to claim a refund for it.

Tata Tigor Claim settlement

Tata Tigor car insurance operates on a use it or forgets it policy. Car insurance operates on a use it or forgets it policy. To get the benefits of this, you have to pay an installment once in a year, and if you are lucky and survive in a car accident, then you lose the installment money that you paid for security. On the other hand, you get a non-claim bonus which is a pretty real amount in the first year of installment at 20% of the installment in the first year and increasing to 50% by the sixth year-that’s why sometimes there is no pressure for small damage It is recommended to do.

Be careful before you buy an Insurance

First of all, it is necessary to know what you are signing for, and if you have any questions regarding insurance you are free to ask them. And, most importantly, drive safely.

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