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Top 10 International Health Insurance Companies

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Top 10 international health insurance companies

Finding the best international health insurance scheme should be top of the list of priorities when planning your travel abroad. Amazingly, there are some excellent choices to choose from, and many of them are affordable, especially when compared to health insurance schemes in the U.S. But which international health insurance companies are best?

What is health insurance and international health insurance?

This is a contract in which the insurance company pays for your medical expenses to the hospital. The insurance company undertakes reimbursement of hospitalization, treatment, surgery, organ transplantation, etc. This involves paying a timely premium to your insurance company.

According to the international health insurance association, health insurance is defined as coverage that provides for payment of benefits due to illness or injury. It includes insurance for accident, medical expenses, disability, or loss from death and blood removal in an accident.

Why buying health insurance is important?

It is always important to stay mentally and physically fit in order to lead a healthy life. However, there are times when you can fall sick in spite of all the preventive measures you’ve taken, and the appropriate health insurance will have an important role to play.

It takes care of your financial well being and ensures that you get quality medical treatment whenever you need it. It is very important to choose the right health insurance policy right from the beginning to read the benefits of living a secure life.

However, many people who get health insurance for the first time are not used to its features and do not know how to buy the right health insurance policy that suits their needs.

Advantage of buying international health insurance:

  • Financially protected
  • Options availability
  • Cashless hospitalization
  • No claim bonus
  • Tax benefit

Disadvantages of buying international health insurance:

  • Premium increases with age.
  • Waiting period for the existing disease.

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How to select the best international health insurance?

Health insurance is becoming more important in view of expensive medical services and increased health problems. These protect you from stress and economic problems in times of medical emergency. Under this, you do not have to face financial compulsion to get treatment in emergencies. Thus, investing in international health insurance plans is a wise decision. Let’s know how you can choose a medical insurance policy for yourself and your family.

Choosing the right cover

It’s really important to understand your needs when choosing the right cover as a health insurance policy because it will help you choose the right cover. You may already have a group medical cover (GMC), but is that enough for you?

Do you want to buy an individual policy so that you do not depend on your employer? Do you want to extend your coverage for a super top-up policy? Asking yourself such questions will help you figure out what you need, thus leading you to buy a suitable cover.

Always check the background of the company

While taking the policy, always check the background of the insurance company as you plan to buy insurance. Knowing their offers and their network hospitals will help you understand the company better. Take stock of different companies, their offers, services, their market positions, and purchase the appropriate policy after your entire research.

Read all terms and conditions carefully

Every health insurance policy has some terms and conditions which refer to the things that are covered and excluded under the policy. It is important to look into the waiting period, coverage for preexisting diseases, room rent, sub-limits, etc.

So before purchasing the policy kindly understand the policy terms and conditions properly.

This will ensure that if you buy a policy, you are not unaware of the time of the claim in case you don’t cover a particular item.

With increasing medical inflation, it is important to buy an appropriate health insurance policy to avoid any financial loss. Make an informed beginning option, analyze coverage, and understand and accordingly purchase your first health insurance policy. This will provide you with mental peace and focus on health recovery, rather than on paying hospital bills and worrying about spending hard work money.

What are the top 10 international health insurance companies?

The top 10 international health insurance companies are:

1. Cigna global health

A global outlook network

  • 5M health care profession
  • 200+ countries and judicial areas
  • 240 Legal expert in 15 countries
  • 10 global service centers
  • 50+ years of global experience
  • 299,000 pays direct in America
  • 3M Clubs in 205 countries and states
  • 78% of 50 companies covered by Cigna
  • 170+ languages
  • 135 different course PAID
  • 2% first-day results
  • Here is 24/7, 365 days a year for you.

2. Allianz care

Allianz care is not available in Brazil, Canada, the USA, and China. 

Area of coverage:
  • Allianz care cover Worldwide excluding the USA
  • Allianz care cover Worldwide including the USA
  • Africa Only
Allianz Plan Documents where you can read about all the details of the Allianz plan:
  • Allianz Worldwide Brochure
  • Allianz Plan Terms and Conditions
  • Allianz Plan Application
Benefits of Allianz care health insurance:
  • Maternity plan
  • Out-patient cover
  • Dental coverage
  • Repatriation Plan
  • Coverage for treating in the USA

3. Aetna International health insurance

More than 500,000 members trust Aetna health insurance and they have 30 years of experience in international health insurance.

Aetna international health insurance offers:
  • Dental insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Multiple plan options
  • Both long and short term business travel coverage
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 24×7 support
  • Generous annual maximum coverage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
Choose this health insurance if you:
  • If you do not have U.S. health insurance.
  • If you do not use health care.
  • If you want in your plan have both facilities of hospital stay as well as doctor visits.
  • Need $1.6 million per year per person.
4. GeoBlue health insurance
  • You do not need to pay back on standard services such as office visitors (general practitioners and experts), preventive care (national physical, vaccines), and external medication instructions.
  • Unlimited medical maximum no waiting period with maximum benefits or services including most comprehensive preventive care.
  • If your primary U.S. health insurance plan was six months before it started, the GeoBlue would forgive the waiting period six months ago.
  • Access to our best practitioners and reputed hospitals can lead to better diagnosis, treatment, and medical attention.
  • You can cancel any cancellation charges no month opted.

Reach the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Network, which is the largest network in the United States, at 93% of U.S. attending doctors and hospitals (Premier Plan Only).

5. Metlife health insurance

Customized plans

Healthcare coverage for not less than two mobile employees globally as employees on assignments for more than six months.

Pre-designed plan

Healthcare coverage for pre-designed schemes to select employees on assignments for more than six months. Coverage for 2-20 worldwide mobile employees.

Short term and business traveler plan

Emergency and urgent care for those traveling outside their country of six months less than those traveling to several countries during the same journey.

6. Bupa global Latin American Health insurance

  • 5 million holders
  • Global coverage
  • 11,500 institutions contracted by Bupa Global
  • 1-2 million medical facility providers are available for our policyholders.
  •  When you rely on us as your international insurance partner, you have all the advantages global at your fingertips, including our global healthcare network.
  • Bupa aims to look after your health and well-being while investigating the state-of-the-art, preventive treatment and health from time to time.
  • We are in good health with you or when you are undergoing severe medical conditions.
7. AXA global healthcare
Choose if you:
  • Working or living in another country.
  • Workplace and living in more than two countries.
  • Working abroad for one year.
Moving the U.S. for the first time.

Include or leave the USA offer this option because in the United States treatment is far more expensive than other countries in the world. If you opt to leave the United States, except for the foundation, you will still be covered for emergency treatment.

You may add an optional upgrade:
  • Out-patient treatment
  • Dental treatment
  • Traveling

8. William Russell health insurance

William Russell is an expert in providing an international health insurance scheme to facilitate the migration of customers around the world. William Russell global health plans are available for individuals and families, and for company employees and their dependents. There is a range of schemes with various levels of coverage and competitive premiums.

Personal and family:
  • Personal and family global health (platinum)
  • Global health elite (bronze, silver, gold) for persons living in individuals and families.
Alternative benefits:
  • China and HongKong
  • Dutch east indies
  • City of lakes
  • The global health of Africa, and India
  • Global health (platinum)
  • Global health elite (bronze, silver, gold) for expert companies based on the scheme.
9. Now health insurance

Now, a management team of international health insurance professionals, with many years of experience in the industry, launched health in 2010. A dedicated medical insurance company now aims to provide a critical service and operational potential, benefit schemes, and exceptional customer service. Health now has Shanghai, United Kingdom, and a regional service center in Dubai, despite its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Health care and unique, comprehensive products that are written by AXA, an established name in the industry can now be used. Clear, accessible, and straightforward, health respects its clients and their times and can give you the safety that you are looking for.


Headquarters location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, North Point

Headquarters Regions: Asia-Pacific

Founded date: Jan 25, 2010

10. A+ international healthcare

A+ international health insurance schemes, set up as a partnership between medical insurance experts in Europe and Asia, offers first-class international health insurance schemes to individuals, their families, international companies, and organizations globally running globally, with a joint experience of years and proven financial strength as well as AXA worldwide for international health care. Reliable, flexible health schemes are available.

First, to ensure your health, A+ international healthcare and partners have provided 24/7 support medical assistance wherever you are worldwide.

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