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Universal Sompo General Insurance Review

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Universal Sompo General Insurance Review

Health, Wealth & Property has become a basic necessity for everyone living in the community. We take care of our health, try to prosper by earning a living to get rich, and continue to acquire the property. As soon as the basic need for food, clothing, and shelter are met People try to find a comfortable model for travel, leisure, business, or family outings and then buy cars like cars Nowadays most people have a car like travel mode. It also became a symbol of the status of all middle-class people.

Life is full of dangers and uncertainties, but for some reason it is inevitable. The employees’ honesty plays a pivotal role in building a good image of any organization. When Individuals gets his Family insured with Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Property Insurance, travel insurance, fire, marine Insurance, Home Insurance; they remain absolutely in the state of relaxation.

The Need for General Insurance

 Do We Need It or Not?

Why not without a second thought The General Insurance of our Car should be because life if it is full of uncertainty. We face various dangers in our daily lives. In a busy lifestyle and the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, there is a significant increase in the number of vehicles on a daily basis, month by month, and year to year. Data provided by the Department of Road Transport Government of India shows high growth in road accidents across India. Obviously the reason may be different.

One of the reasons is the increase in the number of vehicles that will not go down. There are a number of bad things that happen on the roads every day, even in big cities. In order to have peace of mind in a Hard-earned Property like a Car, we definitely need General Insurance done. General Insurance is also called Non-Life Insurance. Insurance helps to protect you from unseen and exemplary situations.

We begin to love our possessions as our Car and we do not want to be harmed or harmed in it and in order to be in a state of peace of mind we must get Car Insurance as soon as we have a car. Not only after buying a car but also the insurance should be renewed every year to relax mentally. We can easily say that General Insurance is a way to protect our car. We feel relaxed when we get our vehicle insured.

Which Company Can Get General Insurance From?

True- Sompo General Insurance Company

Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited is a private-public enterprise with joint insurance with two national banks, namely Indian Bank and Indian Overseas Bank, one private sector bank namely Karnataka Bank, one FMCG Dabur Investment Corp, and a leading general insurance company.

From Japan namely, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc has established a general insurance company. It is India’s first state – Independent Partnership in the General Insurance Industry. The company started operating in 2008 with a strong commitment to the satisfaction of all its customers with its services and services.

The company obtained a license and registration certificate from the IRDA in November 2007. The joint venture was used for shareholders’ more than 435.80 cr. including premium share. Three Indian partners lead banks with a combined base of Rs. 92,602 crores and more than 4000 branches and distribution centers.

And India’s fourth-largest FMCG company with more than 15 million stores. Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Its headquarters in Tokyo, with a capital of 70 billion yen, is located in 27 countries – with more than 15,000 employees and 69,028 agents and the total revenue for the 2006 – 2007 premiums was more than (Rs.50), 000 cr. double the Indian General Insurance industry.

Universal Sompo has a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of Rs 902.65 Crores for the year ended March 31, 2016. The company has issued more than 1.6 million policies and resolved more than 1, 1,787 claims since March 31, 2016.

“We will continue to differentiate ourselves as a reliable provider of risk solutions. The number of customers and the creation of a product with the right combination of distribution and support channels will remain our responsibility as we move forward” – a statement quoted by Mr. Rajiv Kumar who is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

It is the largest insurance company in the world that provides fast, quality, and fast services to customers. The company has a well-trained and well-trained staff to cater to the need of Customer Demand. Detailed plans are explained in detail to customers before the completion of the Insurance.

Universal Sompo has about 158 ​​products approved by IRDA in its basket and operates pan India with 86 branches and 17 Zone Offices. Universal Sompo has a support number 24×7 Claim Care Helpline no. 1800 200 5142, to assist customers to apply to the company. Once you have obtained car insurance from Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited, feel free and uncomfortable. We care for all our customers.

The company offers 40 unique insurance products that can be divided into cargo, offshore, general accident, and trade union. The new pipeline covers customized company solutions for disaster risk management, depreciation cover, gap coverage, weather forecasts, car loan security, event coverage, long-term construction equipment insurance, long-term farmer package, and tractor insurance.

The company not only insists on accident insurance but also in the event of a car being stolen a guaranteed amount is given to the client after the verification process.

In Conclusion

Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited is committed to excellence and day in and day outputs its priorities on continuous high-quality services and services globally consistently for all people. The quality and level of services provided by the company distinguish it from all other market players in the same field. Progress and sequence.

Constant Progression plans for adding more services are in pipeline of the company so as to provide a wide range of services to all class of people requiring getting their assets secured and insured to gain self maximization of facilities adhering to the IRDA rules and regulations for General Insurance in Particular and other Insurances in general. Our Customers are our strength and we are continually progressing to benefit them with our wide range of Products.

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